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Be a part of the revolution with the NextCardPro Digital Business card. You can design your own digital business card, including all relevant business information, such as your contact details, social media profile links, documents, and files. Then, you can share it with anyone, anywhere, anytime using SMS, email, or social media platforms.

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sharing made simple

Share your card across the room or across the world. NextCard Pro™ is simply a better way to connect. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other popular social media platforms.

Smarter Relationship Management

Easily keep track of all your contacts with your personal Contact Center. The simple, organized management system allows you to capture the name, phone number and email of each person that receives your digital card, and allows you to add additional notes for each contact. Designed to help you organize, follow up and build better relationships.

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Review by Christopher Burkett
Review by Kelly Schmidt
Review by Tina Asbury-Radick
Review by Carl Webb Jackson
Review by Terry Franklin
Review by Feroz Ahmed
Review by Joe Cangas MD
Review by Andy Metcalfe

Christopher Burkett

The digital Era is here and this is the way to go when conducting new and old business, especially on the savings I normally spend over $200 a year on paper business cards but now I only have to pay a low rate for 3 business cards and the best part my customers can call, text or even email me from my card. Another great feature is that I can change things in my card anytime on the fly without my customers to see the change it is like having your very own mini website! Thank you Next Card Pro!

Kelly Schmidt

Next Card Pro is a quick and easy way to get my contact information to my customers and give them access to all of my business and contact information. You can not pass this opportunity up to make life a little easier! Thank you Next Card Pro!

Tina Asbury-Radick

Next Card Pro gives my businesses the simplicity & effectiveness needed to help create more clear, precise steps to get to that next level. Within a short window of time it has created not only increased sales revenue, but more important than that is time. That is something I believe we all cherish & want more of in life. I will share this gift with everyone I know. Thank you Nextcardpro, the future is looking brighter than ever!!

Carl Webb Jackson

WOW!!! I've never seen anything like Nextcardpro and neither has anyone that I've shown the card to. My customers are piqued with excitement with this new way of introducing them to my business helping with increased sales. Thanks Nextcardpro!!!!

Terry Franklin

Nextcardpro has changed the way i conduct business the effictive and efficient way to share my business is unmatched ! Its incredible how easy it is to use the templates and to customize this card! Simply phenomenal!!!

Feroz Ahmed

As a business owner, I can honestly say that my NextCard Pro™ Digital Business Card is helping me collect my customers contact information more effectively, while making it easy for me to share my information and links with new potential clients.

Joe Cangas MD

NextCard Pro™ has changed how my business shares and gathers information. It out performs any other product of its kind!

Andy Metcalfe

The Next card has absolutely changed my way of piquing interest in new Business partner prospects and customers with my Acn business it’s amazingly simple! Andy Metcalfe

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